This is the first episode in the Sammy's Adventure series.  

Plot summary:

The episode begins with a girl of 10 years of age watching television. On the television, there is a battle between two top trainers, which are battling in an enormous stadium. A Skarmory and a Misdreavus are exchanging attacks in a battle. Skarmory dodges Misdreavus’s attack. The battle is being watched by hundreds of fans, and the crowd starts to cheer. Misdreavus dodges Skarmory’s Air Cutter attack. It then confuses Skarmory, and then puts it to sleep using Hypnosis. Skarmory’s trainer recalls it and sends out Scizor. Misdreavus jumps back as Scizor is released. Scizor attacks Misdreavus head first but misses, causing it to hit the battlefield instead. However, it still gets up, completely unfazed.

The girl, whose name is Sammy, is now super excited for the next day, as she is now able to go on her Pokemon journey. Tomorrow, she will receive a starter Pokemon from the Johto Pokemon Professor, Professor Elm. She will either receive a Totadile, a Chikorita or a Cyndaquil. Sammy knows she will have to get up early, as she lives in Violet City and it is quite a walk to the Professor’s lab. Tomorrow will be the first step in her dream to become the ultimate fire type Pokemon trainer.

Sammy’s mother enters the room, and tells her it is late and that she should be asleep. She complains that she is too excited to sleep. As a compromise, her mother changes the TV channel to Professor Elm’s lecture. As she leaves the room, she tells Sammy to go to sleep after the program has finished. When she eventually goes to sleep, her mind is already made up for which Pokemon she will choose.

The next morning, she gets up early. After having her breakfast, she says goodbye to her parents (they promise to meet her later outside the lab). Sammy bumps into her next door neighbour and rival, Josh Hopkin, who tells Sammy that he will choose the best starter Pokemon. He runs off, and Sammy follows. When Sammy eventually arrives at New Bark Town, she sees Josh leaving the lab with a Pokeball in his hand. He laughs at her and brags about getting what he thinks is the strongest Johto starter Pokemon. He leaves for Cherrygrove city, with his friends and family waving him off. As Sammy goes into the lab, she has a choice between Cyndaquil and Chikorita.  She chooses Cyndaquil, (as she explains that her mother had started with a Chikorita and her father had started with a Totadile). As she leaves the lab, her other neighbour, Corey arrives, after sleeping in. Sammy hugs and waves goodbye to her parents before leaving towards Cherrygrove City with Cyndaquil.

On her way through route 29, she sees a wild Rattata. As she sends out Cyndaquil, she battles with it. Cyndaquil uses Tackle but misses as Rattata dodges. Rattata tackles Cyndaquil and hits. Cyndaquil starts to use Leer, but Rattata attacks again, defeating Cyndaquil. As it escapes, Sammy carries Cyndaquil in her arms and goes towards the nearest Pokemon centre in Cherrygrove City.

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