Name: Sammy (Last name unknown)


Japanese name: サミー

Trainer ID Number: 97762

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Age: 10 (As of debut)

Personality: Keen


- Unnamed mother

- Unnamed father

- Chantelle (Younger cousin)


- Chihiro (Friend/Travel companion/Rival)

- Corey (Friend/Travel companion/Main rival)

- Josh Hopkin (Main Rival)

- Ritchie (Friend/Rival) Region: Johto

- Natalie (Friend/Travel companion / Rival)

- Benjamin (Friend/Travel companion/Rival)

Hometown: Violet City

Type of Trainer: Firebreather

Total number of Pokemon: -

First Pokemon: Cyndaquil

Legendary friend Pokemon:

- Giratina

- Lugia

- Zekrom

Movie appearances:

- Pokemon: The first Movie

- Pokemon 3: The Movie

- Pokemon Heroes

- Pokemon 2000 (Possible appearance)

First episode: Episode one: The story begins (Sammy's Adventure)

Actual song theme song: The Wanted - Lightning

Pokemon theme song: Pokemon Master Quest

Sammy is a character introduced in her own mini series.


Sammy's main goal in life is to be the best Firebreather trainer in Johto. This can be forseen for her love for fire type Pokemon. She starts her adventure at the age of 10, and is seen to be a very polite and well mannered girl. On the day of her adventure, she chooses Cyndaquil for her starter Pokemon. (This is obviously because of her love for fire type Pokemon and also that her mother and father had started with a Chikorita and Totodile when they were adventuring). From the very beginning, Cyndaquil adored her as a trainer, and would do anything to protect her.

The first Pokemon she caught was an Eevee, which lived in the forest, watched over by a girl named Amelia. She was glad that the Eevee was going with Sammy, as she wanted it to adventure and learn to grow. When fighting the gyms, she had no real difficulty, as she believed in her Pokemon in order for her to win. From time to time, she ran into her rival, Josh Hopkin, who always laughed and mocked her. Briefly, she travelled with her other rival, Corey, until he went his seperate way.

Over time, she got all 8 gym badges, and went on to compete in the Johto League. She faced very difficult and well-trained Pokemon, but she pulled through in the end, even beating Josh in the semi-finals. She finished in the top 8 trainers, before losing.

She made many friends over the course of her adventures, including Natalie and her main friend, Chihiro, who Sammy met in Kanto. The two travelled together for a long time, before going their seperate ways to explore each other's regions/ Sammy did explore all 4 regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh), and she is currently exploring Unova.


Sammy is an only child that lived with her parents. It is said that both of her parents used to be adventuring when they were younger, and that they still obtain their badges and their Pokemon. Sammy's mother seems to be fond of collecting evolution stones, as shown in Ep005, when she showed Sammy her collection and allowed her to chose one to evolve her Eevee.

Sammy's younger cousin, Chantelle, is introduced in Pokemon 3: The Movie (taking the role of Molly). Chantelle appearently lives very close to Sammy's hometown.


Sammy has caught a large number of Pokemon, trainign each one individually as best she can. Whenever she went to a different region, she always contacted Professor Elm to see how her Pokemon were doing. All of her Pokemon seem to adore her as a trainer. Her Pokemon, Furret, seems to like her most of all, as Furret always spends time out of it's Pokeball, travelling around with her. Chihiro's Pokemon also seem to have a good relationship with her, as seen in Pokemon: The First Movie when they all gather around her after Chihiro is turned to stone.

In Unova, she still has the same team, but she does now and again swap Pokemon, although this is rarely seen.

Main team



Status unknown


Traded away

Given away



In the movie adaptationsEdit

Sammy has appeared in 3 of the movies released (Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon 3: The Movie, and Pokemon Heroes). In all three, she mainly replaces Ash, along with Chihiro, who also replaces Ash sometimes. She makes a possible appearance in Pokemon 2000, although it has not be confirmed.

In Pokemon: The First Movie, she, along with Chihiro were invited to New Isaldn, after Mewtwo saw the both of them battling and were impressed by their techniques. At first, Sammy has a bit of a problem getting to New Island, after having no Water-type Pokemon with her. However, Chihiro tells her to use her HM Surf on Furret. Sammy does this, enabling her to ride upon Furret to get to New Island. Chihiro follows her by flying there on her Togekiss. When they arrive, both are forcied to battle Mewtwo's clones. Sammy battles using her Typhlosion whilst Mewtwo uses his cloned one. Along with the others, her Typhlosion loses. All of Sammy's Pokemon are eventually caught, with Furret being the last one remaining alongside Ash's Pikachu. Sammy goes down the machine after the Pokeball containing Furret goes down the shoot. She stops the machine and frees all the Pokemon. During the fight with the originals and the clones, Sammy's Furret doesn't want to fight, just like Ash's Pikachu. (Furret even tries to escape the clone Furret by hiding behind Sammy.) At the end, Chihiro runs between Mewtwo and Mew, causing her to turn to stone. Afterwards, she is returned to normal and both Sammy and Chihiro's memories are wiped, along with the others that were there. In a deleted scene, it is shown where Sammy and Chihiro meet, and that they both battle Cassidy and Butch later on.

In Pokemon 3: The Movie, Sammy's younger cousin Chantelle is introduced. As Sammy and Chihiro are travelling through the Johto Region, they come across Entei, who takes away Sammy's mother. Sammy and Chihiro both enter the Ice Palace to free her, whilst battling Chantelle in her dream form, which makes her look older and which also makes her have her own Pokemon which are much stronger than normal ones.

In Pokemon Heroes, Sammy and Chihiro are travelling through Hoenn. They both enter a race, with Sammy using her Furret and Chihiro using her Azumarill. Later on, whilst exploring, Furret runs off near a fountain to have a drink and a wash until it senses that something is wrong. As the girls follow, they save Latios from two criminals. Both Latios and Latias come to trust the girls, and they are both sad when the two girls continue on their journey.

In Pokemon 2000, Chihiro makes a small appearance by playing the flute. It is unknown whether Sammy was there or whether the two girls had parted prior to this.

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